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     As it was in the beginning. The creation of Heaven and Earth, man and woman and all things. Twenty one cemturies thereafter the annals of history recorded these events. So shall on the eightieth (80) year of The American Legion, Thoman-Boothe Post 338, Deptartment of Missouri, Inc. was organized on November 24, 1920, approved and adopted bt charter by the Department of Missouri on May 17, 1921 to be a part of that history itself.


15 Charter Members

     The fifteen (15) charter members are honored for their foresight in that the future of Post 338 would hold many events and memories of this great organization. They are listed below:

Albert R. Cochran

Walter J. Creeley 

A.C. Copeland

Walter Drakesmith

John S. Etherington,Sr.

W.H. Gist

Mort Jacobs,Jr

Arthur E. Johnson

G.H. Couillard

F.G. Maxwell

Raymond Norath

John B. Norris

Sam Sullender

Edward L. Wyland,Sr.

Fred Wurst


The presentation of the events of Thoman-Boothe Post 338, The American Legion and all those programs formed throughout these years is dedicated to all legionnaires (men and women) for their untiring efforts towards the sucess of this Post. A hundred and one individual names could be mentionede in this recording, however members of the present day listen to and remember many stories handed down by members of this Post and other individuals of this community  of the man hours of labor, sacrifice, and of their faith and confidence in the future of The American Legion. In the current time, one could say that Thoman-Boothe Post 338 is the greatest Legion Post in the State of Missouri.


      As evidence of the sucess of this Post, the membership elected such talented and dedicated men such as commander. The Post commanders of Thoman-Boothe Post 338 and the years they served are as follows:




* 1920 Arthur E. Johnson                        

* 1921 John S. Etherington                     

* 1922 C. Walter Drakesmith                  

* 1923 J. Mort Jacobs, Jr.                         

* 1924 Dr. Roy A. Walther                        

* 1925 Henry Hammelman                       

* 1926 C. Walter Drakesmith                   

* 1927 Joseph T. Howard                          

* 1928 Clyde Sims

* 1929 Sam Sullender

* 1930 Vern S. Hollaway

* 1931 A.D. Tinker

* 1932 J. Mort jacobs, Jr.

* 1933 Dr. Roy A. Walther

* 1934 Walter W. Roth

* 1935 A.F. Bockshmidt

* 1936 Floyd A. Busen

* 1937 H.R. Page

* 1938 Floyd E. Williams

* 1939 Elvie E. Wilkinss

* 1940 Joseph R. Weibel

* 1941 Russell C.Edwards

* 1942 Arthur Koert

* 1943 Arthur E. Schwab

* 1944 Harry E. Hurey

* 1945 Arthur E. Johnson

* 1946 Sylvester M.Mauer

* 1947 Carl A. Loven

* 1948 Richard W. Widmer

* 1949 Cecil C. Kirk

* 1950 Lee V. Luker

* 1951 William C. Hertwig

* 1952 Jacob D. Gaveman

* 1953 King Altken

* 1954 Raymond G. Bibb

* 1955 Otto Fink, Jr.

* 1956 William A. Roth

* 1957 Charles E. Worley

   1958 Leo J. Girard

* 1959 Henry W. Brant

* 1960  Douglas Johnson 

* 1961 William E. Hoffman

* 1962  George J. Schlobohm

* 1963 Leonard E. Schueler

* 1964 Lawrence J. Strohmeyer

* 1965 Eugene W. Schockley

* 1966 Raymond N. Burns, Sr.

* 1967 John J. Curtis

* 1968 Houston N. Schafer

* 1969 Allen W. Quinn

* 1970 John J. Curtis

* 1971 Vincent P. Toth

* 1972 Raumond E. Smith

* 1973 Lee E. Luker

* 1974 Lee E. Luker

   1975 Paul O. Weigelt

   1976 Paul O. Weigelt

1977 William R. Duckworth

   1978 John S. Etherington Jr.

   1979 Vincent P. Clooney

* 1980 Allen W. Quinn

   1981 Robert L. Lawless

   1982 Christopher H. Deskel

   1983 Edward M. Limpert

   1984 Jeral D. Stanfill

1985 Phillip W. Sick

* 1986 Frank Van Buskirk

* 1987 Frank Van Buskirk

   1988 Edward A. Hilleman

* 1989 Walter F. Lenceski

* 1990 Harry J. Corbett

* 1991 Robert C. Portell

* 1992 Lawrence L. Ruck

* 1993 Carl W. Fahrenkamp

* 1994 John Ravenstein

* 1995 William H. Meyers

   1996 Thomas A. Herd

   1997 Larry H. Winder

   1998 Edward Hilleman

   1999 John W. Spickler

   2000 James J. Schneeburg

   2001 Morris Cox



















History Of Thoman & Boothe


    There is no record on file or no living person to tell us in what manner or judgement, the charter members in their infinite wisdom chose the names of Thoman-Boothe Post 338, (the number 338 was authorized by the Department of Missouri, The American Legion).

  The name of Henry Thoman, 29th Inf. and Lawrence Boothe, 5th MC both were killed in action in 1918 and  were residents of Overland, Missouri. Pictures and a brief history and a burial information on Henry Thoman is located in the  back hall of the Legion Post. Pictures of both Thoman and Boothe are also located in the main lobby of the hall. Pictures of Boothe were given by his sister, however no record or information of Boothe exsists. Through the effort of William Myers, Post 338 Commander, information on Thoman was obtained. Myers also expended hours, days and months in his effort to obtain information on Boothe, however, to no avail, nothing could be found.

     To ensure the memory of Henry Thoman , Lawerence Boothe and another resident of Overland, Missouri, William Siegler, who also was killed in action in World War I, the members at a regular Post meeting voted unanimously to purchase  a granite  memorial to honor the three(3) men, Thoman, Boothe and Siegler. The year 1924, Ritenour High School Board and council members deeply influenced by this memorial gave the members of Post 338 permission to erect a monument on the campus of the school. During the years from 1924 until 1953 the faculty, students, family and friends reviewed this monument with memories , meditating and reflecting how terrible wars are. At the same time thanking God for the freedom they share now to sustain them in patience and love and knowing  that courage and strength of all those who fought in the war to overcome the adversity, especially those who were killed or died was not in vain for they made supreme sacrifice.  In 1953 the construction of the present hall was completed and the monument was moved from the campus of Ritenour High School to the Post home and placed near the flag pole where it is still located today. 

From the 1920 until 1929 the officers and members of the Post held their meetings in a members home and years later the AABridgeton Masonic Lodge at Brown Rd. and St. Charles Rock Rd. The continuation of these monthly Post meetings were essential in these early years  as it set the tone and gave dimention to The Legion program with emphasis placed on the community affairs.  As the word spread throughout the community on the true meaning of a Legionnaire and the accompishment of the Post, the many contributions  to Veterans and community, new members began to fill the ranks. as new members continued to join it was evident by the members that a meeting place must be found. From 1929 until 1947 the members of the Post wisely invested the funds received through various events and dances . An option was presented to them to purchase land in the year of 1929... With positive desire that a dwelling place was not to far away , this venture as faithfully brought to fulfillment when thr tract of land because available in 1947. From 1947 until 1963 the construction of the Post building was carefully concidered. A committee was formed to lay out plans to accommodate various funtions and needs to carry out the mission of the Post and American Legion.  After many hours and days in 1929 to assure themselves, the members spontaneously found the substantial structure located at 9605 Lackland(NO LONGER IN EXISTENCE)to be their home until 1953. As the members grew the Post grew in wisdom, maturity and the understanding of wise investments in may of 1953 the present home was acquired.

     Taking a step backward in time, to 1925 found the members of the Post organizing volunteers for the Fire Department in Overland, Missouri, they also purchased equipment . In 1927 the Post members were cited by the Fire Department for their rescue work during the tornado in St. Louis, Missouri. It is not known what took place after the except that all of the equipment was turned over to the Community Fire Department in later months of the year 1927.  Before other events and details are explained in this history of The Post, it is perhaps the proper time to explain the programs of of The Legion as set forth by the National Organization and with additional programs that the Post sponsored. All of these programs have been successfully executed  from year to year since the conception of Thoman-Boothe Post 338 from November 1920 with the same life and vigor as it is tody. A few of these programs are: American Legion Baseball, Boy's State, Cadet Patrol, Oratorical Contests,Boy Scout,, variations of Child Welfare programs and especially the needs of the veterans at home in the community  and Veterans Homes and hospitals and many other programs. 

     The  year 1947 was concidered a milestone for the Post as the purchase of the Hogan estate, a ten acre tract known as Legion Park was completed , The first project in the year 1948 was a lighted Softball park. However , as years passed and the interest in softball  decreased, the Post decided to turn the park over to the Khory League Baseball, which afforded an opertunity for hundreds of boy's to play baseball under the lights.   Within a short time the members of the Post visualized the potential growth of this acquired land  which could then be addressed to many achievements as foreseen by them in the future which would be good for the Post and The Legion and the community needs.

The plan as it unfolds a full set of playground equipment was installed in the southeast corner of the park. The entire lower part of the park became a natural place for picnics with the building of a large outdoor pavilion with picnic tables, refreshments stand,barbecue pits and rest rooms. As the years went by and many events happened through the years since 1948 it was necessary in 1982 to move the playground to the southwest corner of the Post property. The entire playground was fenced in with a gate leading from the street level and inside to the Post grounds itself. The former playground in the southeast corner was paved and turned into a parking lot. The city of Overland leased for $1.00 per year the small tract of land where the playground sits and is maintaining and seeing to its upkeep.

       Again stepping back in time as the history of this Post unfolds inthe year 1953 finds the present hall already in use.It became apparent that Marion Grade School , A few blocks from the Post home, was overcrouded as reported by the members of the Post and faculty of the school. The members of the Post voted to accept the 4th, 5th and 6th grades of the school from September 1953 until May of 1954. A community project that was well appreciated by teachers, parents, and the school board and  the City of Overland.     In 1955 the new swimming pool was formally dedicated. In August 1954 the Post home was formally dedicated. Twenty years later after many formed changes outside and inside of the Post, the members and the community witnessed the rededicatio of the renovated Post home in 1974.

During the period of 1971 1nd 1972 a lease/buy agreement was signed with the City of Overland for the swimming pool.

Surrounded by members of the Post, family members and members of the community , the month of November of 1977 was a special time to remember and a joyful occasion. The intensity leading up to this moment was fitting  as with a touch of a match, the spark sent out its flame  to the hand held paper(mortgage) and while it was burning , the paper was placed a container and the streams of live flames flowed out to the very last words of the  mortgage thus the mortgage of the Post emptied into the past. The triumph of the deed can be the inspiration to the present and the future Legionnaire members. It has been noted the some of the charter members witnessed the ceremony. What thoughts must have gone through their minds as they recalled from November 1920 until this  day  all trials and tribulations that had been tested.

In July 1979 the first of Seven(7) thirty food lights poles were installed on the Post grounds. After completion of the light poles in September 1979 it was decided that in the best interest of the post, a more desirable area for the flag pole and memorial monument be placed on the right side of the front of the building, where it stands today. The Post members gathered to rededicate the flag pole and monument.


 September 1982 found the members of the post spontaneously, unconstrained action, proceed immediately to have a weekly social called Bingo. The State of Missouri legalized bingo with many rules and regulations. Many changes have been made by the state throughout these years, however, Post 338 is proud to proclaim the the event(bingo) is one of the outstanding affairs in the Legion community and that all the rules and regulations are adhered to the fullest extent.

   In October 1982, the fish house was remodeled at the cost of $35,000.00 (this was called the refreshment stand in 1949) and  a new garage was built at a cost of $5000.00. Other action by the post includes a 49 foot flag pole and flag  purchased for St. Williams School in Woodson Terrace, Missouri the need to service the families and Veterans was relized when a 35 foot lighted was installed at Fee Fee Cemetery. The Post pays for the electric bill each month and maintains the flag (new as needed)  all year around.   As Christmas was approching in the year of 1982 the Post insituted the program of delivering Christmas baskets to the needy which was an annual affair as members of the Post gather in the great hall to fill these baskets. The lack of interest becoming apparent as the years went by,in 1996 the embers approved a plan to donate $1000.00 each to four (4) churches in the community, to purchase food for the needy at Christmas.   In March of 1983 a 40 foot flag pole was purchased and installedat the Church of God in Overland, Missouri. Through the eighty (80) years, this Post has donated many flag pole and flags to various churches, Schools, organizations, Funeral Homes, and the City of Overland (city hall and the new park at Ashby and Midland).

    In September 1983 ) a committee formed the month before) presented a plan to renovate the Post home. This plan approved by the membership was to add an additional 4,000 square feet on the rear and the east side of the building. The addition was to contain  a new mens and womens rest room and lounge facilities , a walk in cooler, custodial closets, sinks, storage closets, workshop,and recreation hall for the members.The recreation hall contains a lounge and television room, kitchen area, pool and card tables. This ambitious undertaking was not finished until 1987 at a cost of 335,000.00. Most of the interior labor was preformed by Post members.

In January 1990 a new climate controlled heating and air condition system was installed in the main building of the Post. ain addition seven (7) new smoke eaters were installed and minor remodeling of the main hall. the smoke eaters installation and remodeling was done by members of the Post. Remodeling including removing old heat vent ducts, installing new paneling on the west wall, additional light fixtures, additional sound fixtures, revealing the ceiling grid work and installing new ceiling panels. Upon completion of the venture the cost of approximately 75,000.00 was expected. 

              USO-James S. McDonnell, united States Origanization.


  In 1941 the USO was chartered by the United States congress as a non-profit civilian agency and the First (1st) Saint Louis USO was opened at the Municipal Auditorium (later known as Kiel Auditorium on July 19, 1941. Other USO centers were opened throughout the Saint Louis area in later years to sopport service men and women during WWII. These USO center operarted until March 1973 when attendance dropped to only a few a day, therefore the center closed, which at the time was located at the YMCA downtown Saint Louis. The Commanding General, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, expressed an urgent need for a USO at the Saint Louis Lambert Air Port, Saint Louis County to accommodate the service men  and women and their families. The offical opening is recored in September 1981. Early in 1990 the planning stage was set and volunteers were needed for many jobs to be done. Upon hearing the news of a USO being formed Thoman-Boothe Post 338 and the women's Auxiliary Unit 338 began immediately to volunteer man hours and to donate funds, food, baked cookies to supplement the snack counter, Expandsion of space and needed furniture throughout the years was accomplished with funding and offers for donations being received from Civil,Military, and Veterans Organizations. The James S. McDonnell, USO has been praised as the World's largest Air Port USO and Premier facility. The term Exodus is used during the holiday season(departure of large number of people) in many years the total of almost 8000 passed through on their way home or to another assignment. (Aproximately 3 million visitors passed through the USO since 1981). 1985 found an urgent need for volunteers to include the midnight till 6:00 am shift. Responding to this need the members of Post 338 and Auxiliary Unit 338 has provided the USO with money, many volunteer man hours throughout the years and entertained by  the Post 338 John Ford Highland Bag pipe Band and the Post Color Guard, posting the colors for many events. Donations such as 2,000.00 for a Lazy-Boy Chair and many other types of donations. Each quarter the Post 338 donates $750.00 for a total os $3,000.00 per year and an additional $750.00 during Exodus time( Holiday Season). Special recognition to all of the post and Auxiliary members who has and are now answering the call to provice presence  A Home Away from Home" for the men and women who are protecting all of us.


                                          Christmas History


The year 1926 found the members of Post 338 at a regular meeting discussing what they could do for the community during the holidays. Many ideas were discussed and the one that hit home is to donate a tree that the City of Overland would use as a Christmas tree. With the approval of the City of Overland officals and the "circle" was the place to put up the tree. Woodson Road and Midland Boulevard was known as the "circle". In subsequent meeting funds were allotted for the purchase of food and other necessary paper items along with a rental of a 30 seat bus for the day which was set aside on the first Sunday in December of each year. This special day was named the "Tree Hunt" as it has been known throughout all of these years. Three(3) or four(4) farms in the area were selected with permission of the owner and on this day about 30 (more or less) Post members would gather at the Post for the all day trip. Food and refreshments were provided and prepared early in the morning. A fourty(40) foot tree the was selected as requested by the city. After a number of years passed by, these farms no longer grew trees thar were fourty(40) feet and a new place was foundin 1960: A member Carl Peterson owner of a sand and gravel company and also owned at least 100 acres of land where very large trees were grown. This land was near Hignway 70 and Pierce Boulevard, Wentzville,Missouri and accessed only by a wooden bridge . the members would drive their own cars and/or trucks to the place. On this land was an old house with electric, oil stove and other necessities for use if the weather got too bad. A flat bed truck, was used in the earlier years, along with picnic tables, chairs,a dump truck and a thirty(30) foot trailer. the Post grill always would be taken by truck on that day. Baby back ribs was the meat for the day along with hot dogs, hambugers, baked beans, potatoes, etc. Mr Peterson and Sons would  select the 40 foot tree a month before the event took place. After eating all this food, the members could then hunt for the 40 foot tree. After a few hours, the Peterson's woild guide them to the selected tree. Some years, one member was allowed to select a tree. about 5:00 or 5:30 p.m. the tree would be placed on the flat bed truck and taken to the delivery spot in the City of Overland. After that, the members would return to the Post to finish whatever food and refreshments were left. As the years passed by, The City of Overland placed the tree in other locations. Around 1980 the wooden bridge leading to the farm was in very bad shape along with the population and traffic increased in Wentzville, and in fact most of the fourty (40) foot trees were gone. the members decided the tree hunt should be discontinued (also The City of Overland began growing their own fourty(40) foot trees and the members were getting older). However, the event known as"Tree Hunt" is still being held at the Post on the first Sunday in December each year. It has been noted in later years that the younger members enjoy this day as they listen to many of the old stories tht are told by the older members. Many activies and programs throughout these 80 years has been initiated with great sucess. The following programs and activites are currently in effect. 





Autumn in the Park (arts and crafts)- Overland, Missouri. The American Legion set up a booth for recruiting of new members and those who dropped out.


Boys State of Missouri - 1938 -The Americsn Legion Department of Missouri, Warrensburg, Missouri. Students from all high schools in the State of Missouri. Students from Ritenour High School, and other community organizations were sponsered by Post 338 for one (1) week course, teaching the basic principles of democracy.


Bag Pipe Band - 1987 - Name Thoman-Boothe Post 338 John Ford Highland Band. Participated in the Bowl Parade, New Orleans. Various parades and events in St. Louis, and Illinois area National Conventions. various Legion Post for the community. Color Guard od Post 338 is also Color Guard for the Bag Pipe Band.


Baseball Team - 1944 - Champions - State of Missouri - Students were from Ritneour High School and High Schools from the surrounding area. Players from the schools who played for the Major League Baseball - Ron Hunt, Ken Reese, Lonnie Mackland and Bob Burton. Recruiting of students extend to all the area High School Legion Players. Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees were managers, coaches and former players who played for The High Schools in the surrounding area.


Boy Scout Troop number 348 - was established in 1926 to become part of the Post Community program. The year 2001 the troop will celebrate 75 years and in the span of these years there have been 36 Eagle Scout Graduation s in the troop. To earn money for rewards, trips and events this troop sells Christmas trees each year, under the Post pavilion, (approved by the membership). The troop also holds pizzaa selling events and a number of other events throughout the year. The Post is very proud of this troop as it also participates in the retirement of the United States Flags.


Cadet Patrol - 1945 - Headquarters, Jefferson City, Missouri. One (1) week course Missouri Highway Patrol Academy. The class is taught law enforcement and all the duties of a highway patrol officer.   


Boy's Town of Missouri - 1949 wayward or unfortunate boys. A home offered to these boys to help them onto the right path of citizenship. Facility near St. James, Missouri. This home is not associated with any other boy's home or organization.


Color Guard - 1921 - members of Post 338 formed this Color Guard. They perform in many functions for The Legion, community, and various organizations. They are also members of The Bag Pipe Band.


State Government Day - 1987 - students of Ritenour High school and other High Schools from St. Louis County. The program is a one (1) day trip to the Missouri State Capital, Jefferson City, Missouri to witness the State Government in action.


Oratorical Contest - -1934 - Students from Ritenour High School and the surrounding area. Contests are held at the High School speech department, contest conducted at St. Louis County Level, 10th District, Zone VI and Department Level. Contests are held throughout Missouri at High Schools . Then to the National Contest. Specific funds are awarded at each level.


ROTC  -  1977 -   St. Louis Area Corps of Cadets and Drill Teams from Various High Schools. Post 338 of The American Legion provide throphy's for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team in various categories of competition. This is an annual event.


      Many other programs were in effect througout all these years. However due to other priorities they were discontinued.




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